Friday, January 6

Introducing... Season Six, Part One

Welcome back and Happy New Year, dear friends! What a pleasure it is to see all of your smiling faces once again! (Not that I can actually see you, so much--but I know that you are there, which is a true delight and pleasure to me.)

Okay, so, believe it or not... we have officially made it to Season Six, the very last season of SATC! Amazing! Though, to be totally accurate, we've really only made it to the first part of this mythical last season. Yes, our friends over in HBO/SATC verse decided that it was a vitally necessary creative decision (translation: that they could extract yet more of SATC fans' shining cash from their eager/gullible pockets) if they divided Season Six into two separate parts. Two separate DVD sets equals twice the moolah, after all! Oh, HBO executives. Your shameless money-grubbing never ceases to charm and beguile me.

Anyway-- what awaits us in this mythical Season Six, Part One, you ask? Oh, dear readers. So, so very much!

When it comes to Carrie: several awkward conversations/encounters with Big (a thing which I'm sure Chris Noth was eternally grateful for--man needs an extra boat/house/expensive watch or two, after all), a relationship with Berger which gets pretty darned tricky pretty darned fast (why must you always so thoroughly and ruthlessly strip my world of all sunshine and pleasure, writers? Why???), several noteworthy developments in her writing career (remember that Carrie has a career? Turns out, so do the writers!), and a handful of New Men for her to contemplate (Carrie can muse over the various merits of said New Men as much as she likes--me, I'll still be in the corner with my tissues, mourning the Disappearance of Jack Berger. Why, writers, why???)

When it comes to Miranda: yet more drama with Steve (wait, did I hit my head and wake up back in Season Two? Or Season Three? Or Season Four? Or Season Five...? I think you see my point, even if, alas, the writers did not...), yet more adjusting to mummyhood, and yet another beautiful new fella for her to contemplate. Headache-making as the writers' torturing of us re: Miranda and Steve is, this still does not involve Miranda being abjectly humiliated (much)... so I'll take it!

When it comes to Charlotte: major drama in her relationship with Harry (though since the jokes at the expense of Les Jews are easing off a little in Season Six, I guess this is improvement over Season Five...?), and... that's really about it! Hearts are broken, hearts are mended, weddings are involved. Charlotte's previous discontent with her lack of employment... not involved at all! But I mean, really, a lady can only focus on a career OR a man at any given moment, am I right? (Hint: I am not right.)

When it comes to Samantha: an actual relationship, with someone less slimy and vile than her ex Richard, if less interesting and complicated than her ex Maria. I... guess this is progress...? Oh, and there is also a plotline which revolves around her dying of her pubic hair. Of course there is! It cannot be an SATC season without at least one plot hinging on public hair! I expect no less!

Next Up...?: "To Market, To Market," in which the dating market and the stock market are repeatedly and heavily-handedly compared. As this was filmed in the pre-downturn, pre-Occupy era, its cheery celebration of Wall Street causes your blogger some distinct unease/distaste. Happily, she still has Jack Berger to counteract said unease/distaste. Hooray! Counteractment!