Monday, September 20

Back on Carrie's Stoop Gets Twitter-fied

Not that I need to distinguish myself from the whipper-snappers of today any more than I already have/inevitably am (I actually remember the 1980s, for one thing, and the first election I voted in was Bush v. Gore, for another--a whipper-snapper I most certainly am not), I will confess to you that I actually enjoy The Twitter. (It gives me the delusional sense that I actually know Gloria Steinem for one thing, and provides me with yet another means through which to fruitlessly fritter away my precious hours on this earth, for another...)

Consequently, I have decided to create a Twitter account for Back on Carrie's Stoop--do follow me, if you are into that kind of thing, here. I have to admit, the idea of seeing if I can summarize my posts in any kind of meaningful way in fewer than 140 characters feels rather like a charming challenge given to me by one of the many charming English teachers whom I had when I was in high school. ("Now, rewrite the ending of Jane Eyre... from the perspective of an inanimate object. IN IAMBIC PENTAMETER.") Oooh, can I, really?


  1. That's a great idea Holly! Not that I have enough entries in mine to really make it that interesting to twitter but I think I'll start up a new one for mine, too!

  2. But you WILL have many entries - what with going through all of Shakespeare and the like... that's going to stack up! Looking forward to following you (and The Bard, of course), on The Twitter...