Monday, November 1

Back on Carrie's Stoop Gets Slackerfied

My apologies for not posting properly today, dear friends--I hope, at least, that I have a suitably festive excuse for my slackerhood--I was at Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's rally in D.C. this weekend, which was simply lovely--the sight of Jon Stewart in a snazzy blazer, Stephen Colbert in a cape, and lots and lots of nice, smart, funny people carrying madly witty signs (my personal favorites including a giant sign reading "Kitten!", with a picture of a cute kitten on it--now THERE'S a political statement I can get behind!)=happiness. Also nice to see the good people of Planned Parenthood and NARAL out in force (I'm guessing they were there for the Restoring Sanity part, and not so much the Fear Keeping Alive part?)

I am coming down from my Cloud of Rally Happiness as I type, however, so we shall be back to our regularly scheduled programming/ranting very soon, I promise. In the meantime, why not enjoy these images of J. Stew and S. Colb in matching American flag sweaters? God bless America, indeed.

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