Monday, June 6

BOCS Returns! Way Later Than Expected!

Hello, dear friends. OH MY GOODNESS, has or has it not been forever???

So remember waaaaay back, when we last spoke, when I said I would be taking a "brief" hiatus, and would be back in "March"? I hope you understood that by "brief," I meant "very long, indeed," and by "March," I meant "June." We feminist bloggers--sometimes we speak in a secret code, which it is difficult to crack. We are full of mysteries, enigmas, puzzles! (Either that, or we don't know how to manage our time properly. ANYWAY. Mooooving on.)

In the time since we have thus been tragically parted, I do hope that all has been well with you. As for me, I have:

1) Been to Spain (country which I had never before been to. It is sunny.)
2) Been to Maine (state which I had never before been to. It is windy.)
3) Been to England (country which I have been to many a time. It has Maltesers.)
4) Finished up my semester. (My students were lovely unto the very end. I shall, and do, miss them. Sniffle.)
5) Gotten a full-time teaching job. (Like, the kind that will give me health benefits, and a name plaque outside of an office which is in fact my office--all that kind of stuff. Whaaaaat? How can this beeeeee? If you have a direct line to Satan, you might want to ask him if hell has, indeed, frozen over, so madly statistically unlikely--if also deeply delightful--is this development.)

So between the grading and the interviewing and the traveling and the preparing-to-move-ing, I (as you already know) sadly had to let BOCS slide a bit. (More feminist code! Please note that by "a bit," I mean, of course, "completely.") Which rent at my very heart, while hopefully leaving your heart whole and contentedly beating, quite undisturbed and untroubled.

Anywhoozle, I am back now, and chomping at the bit to delve back into the Land of SATC Madness. Do you remember where we left off? Well, do you??? Not to worry, no reason why you should, since I last wrote when there was snow on the ground, and Donald Trump seemed like a quasi-viable presidential candidate. Far distant times, indeed.

Soooo, when we left off in the misty past:

1) Carrie was driving us/Aidan bats, by insisting that Aidan and Big be friends/persisting in being friends with Big herself. Ah, Carrie. Thank you for being so reliably infuriating when it comes to all things Chris Noth-related! (I'll admit he was good fun on Law and Order, but does that give you a free pass for life? Answer no--it does not.)

2) Miranda had a one-night stand with Steve, without using a condom OH MY GOD HOW STUPID ARE YOU WOMAN, YOU WENT TO HARVARD LAW SCHOOL FOR THE LOVE OF PETE.

3) Charlotte is still struggling with infertility. Boo. Sad.

4) Samantha just got a new job, and her boss is very dashing. Whatever could happen there, I wonder? I suppose we shall find out...

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