Friday, August 26

Introducing... Season Five

Season Five... It Begins: Welcome back, mes amies! And so, now we must reflect upon and consider what treasures and delights await us in Season Five. So what do we have to look forward to (and to dread) in the "blink-and-you'll-miss-it-it's-so-darned-short" Season Five?

Look Forward To:

A goodish bit, actually, including (but not limited to):

1) Guest spots for both Nathan Lane and Amy Sedaris. They liven up the place, as you can imagine that they might!

2) Charming love interests for Carrie, Charlotte, and Stanford. (They are finally letting Stanford have a proper boyfriend??? Who is, notably, absolutely bloody gorgeous? Whatever the writers started smoking in Season Five... I am in favor of it! And... I might want some of it!)

3) Some quite swell episodes about the state of singlehood in one's 30s--they even get into a long discussion about "spinster vs. bachelor" language at one point. Go on and warm my "I turn 30 in less than three weeks" heart, why don't you?

4) Some quite nice considerations of the pleasures and exasperations of new motherhood. Turns out, being a new parent is a radically life-changing, challenging, and continually surprising thing. Shocker!


1) You might actually think that this is a good thing (I don't know your life), but Big comes back for an episode, and... yawn. I am just not interested. Glad that Chris Noth was able to get himself a new car or whatever it is he did with the cash from his return to the SATC verse, but... please. Send him away.

2) Flickers of slut-shaming, flickers of fat-shaming, flickers of Other-ing when it comes to the Jewish folks (how exotic they are!)... some troubling flickers!

Next Up...?: "Anchors Away," in which Carrie decides that in lieu of a boyfriend, she is going to "date" the city of New York (at least introducing it to the folks will be a pleasure--trust me, they'll love it!), Miranda stumbles her way into New Mommy Life, Charlotte contemplates sleeping with unknown sailors (as one will), and Samantha fumes and fumes, and fumes about her sleazy cheating ex, Richard. I do love me a good fume!


  1. "Dating the city of NY" What a fun idea and something we could all do in our respective cities!

  2. Yay! You're back!


  3. Definitely, Kelli, I love that dating a city idea-I am at the stage with mine where we don't know that much about one another, but have high hopes of each other-the lure and appeal of the new!

    And I am so glad you are glad, Alex-I am going to seek to be a faithful weekly poster from now on-no more lollygagging on my part!

  4. I started reading your blog some months ago. I thought you were done, but then you started again in July and I was so glad. Once I actually spent the better part of a day reading the analyses. I laughed for hours:)

    BTW, to avoid future confusion, I have a very androgynous name and I am, indeed, a guy.


  5. Thanks so much for reading, Alex--it is incredibly heartening to know that the blog is not just going out into the ether, but is actually amusing actual people. To know that... makes my day!

    And I will not be done until we've made our way all the way through the ghastly second movie, this is my vow to you. More long-windedness from me about Seasons 5 and 6, and the wretched movies is surely on its way.

    Thanks again for reading!