Friday, June 4

The Wisdom of Others: "Lesbians Like Sex and the City, Too!"

My brilliant friend Cynthia Rodriguez has a fantastic post over on Lesbiatopia about the fact that, contrary to popular opinion, SATC is not actually just beloved by the straight ladies and the gay gentlemen--and that the idea that there is actually such a thing as "straight-gay segregation in the world of entertainment" is quite, quite messed-up. It's quite lovely, going to read it would definitely enrich your day. I know that it has enriched mine, and this here day could definitely do with some enrichment.

My personal, very favorite parts?

"I was fascinated by Candace Bushnell's stories. The way she just put herself out there... I had never read anything like that before. The lion-hearted way to go out there and taste life, love, and everything in between. That's what I like about the lead character in the show/movies as well. Her emotional cojones, her confidence, her swagger."

"The other thing I love are the friendships. Like TRUE friendship. The kind, years go by, I haven't seen you in awhile but feel like I just talked to you yesterday type deal, the people get married, have kids, get divorced, get married again, have affairs, I fucked up, you fucked up but I love you anyway, and I know you love me, evolving, everlasting type of friendship that survives, and surpasses all obstacles."

Quite literally, I could not have put it better myself.


  1. Thanks for the shout out Holly! Now that I know of Carrie's stoop, I will definitely be back to read EVERYTHING! ;)

    ~ Cindy Rodriguez

    (okay so not exactly "anonymous", I just couldn't decide which "ID" to click on...)

  2. My favorite line from Cindy's article: "The point is relationships are relationships, be it straight, gay, bi, tri- (anything once) sexual, whatever."

    The entire article is excellent; well done Cindy!

  3. Thank you Kelli! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

  4. Ah, love that one, too, Ms. K - there are so many delightful lines to choose from! And thank you, Ms. C, so pleased that you shall be following my scribblings on the Interweb!