Friday, June 18

Falling Off the Face of the Earth: A Hiatus

So, I shall not be posting for two solid weeks. Did I get sick of re-watching SATC after only one episode, you ask? Am I planning on dying/joining a Luddite community which permits neither DVD players nor computers, you inquire? None of the above. I shall simply be out of town, and away from Regular Internet Contact. But rest assured, when I return, there will be many festive episodes of Season One to explore... after all, how could one ever grow tired of re-watching a series in which a zygote-like Timothy Olyphant pops up, not as a cranky nineteenth century sherriff, but rather a late-twentieth century stoner? Answer - one could not.


  1. Definitely noticed the lack of Holly the past couple of weeks, and I did not like it, lol.

    I'm glad you are back, and can't wait to see some future entries...

  2. More is pending, I promise!