Wednesday, July 7

Return from the Land of Oz

Jet-lagged, sleep-deprived, but deeply contented, I have officially returned from the land of Oz. I already know that I am going to profoundly miss their amazing chocolate, their chilly weather, and the way that people actually do call each other "mate" over there. Boo.

Whilst overseas, I ended up having some interesting conversations with real live Australians about SATC. (The fact that I'm an American who is completely and radically uninterested in sports--and as such, not fit to have conversations about "footy" with--and the fact that I was reading a magazine with SJP on the cover during one of my endless series of flights probably sparked/facilitated some of these conversations.)

The film was still out in force over there, and most of the responses I heard were, shall we say... negative? When someone from the land which gave us Rupert Murdoch tells you that the SATC franchise "makes me deeply and profoundly ashamed to be part of a capitalist society," you know you're in trouble.

But as for us, we are still light years away from talking about SATC 2: The Curse of the Bad Lighting. We are, in fact, still in Season One. Coming soon... Episode 2 of Season One. We have officially moved beyond the pilot! Wooooo!


  1. I'm glad you're back. I still want an Aussie blog rant! This felt like a little teaser...

    btw, did you cut your hair?!

    me too!

  2. I'll be posting my Oz pictures on FB in the near future, does that count as a rant? Love that darned country, it was too beautiful.

    Love your new haircut - mine is waiting until late August. But coming soon...

  3. Woo hoo - you're back to blogging! I shall have to catch up... :)

  4. Bless y'all for being such faithful readers, seeing comments from y'all = happiness.