Wednesday, January 19

Introducing... Season Four

Season Four... It Begins: Can it be that we are already up to Season Four??? It seems that it can. Amazing. What, you inquire of me, do we have to look forward to (and to dread) in this, the fourth season of SATC? Well--let us see, shall we?

Look Forward To:

1) Some quite interesting stuff about motherhood. Goody! They dipped their toe into the Mother Waters way back in Season One (in some quite interesting ways, I thought)--and they are moving beyond toe-dipping, in Season Four... we are WADING in the world of motherhood, mes amies, wading, I tell you!

2) A quite interesting episode about abortion. Goody! Because they need to redeem themselves a bit from their "let us pretend that abortion does not exist as an alternative when we discuss unplanned pregnancy" malarkey, which they fannied about with in Season One. Not okay, SATC peeps. Not. Okay.

3) Some quite interesting stuff about marriage and commitment. Unlike the first movie, which, sigh, literally has a fifteen minute montage of Carrie swirling around in really, really expensive designer wedding dresses (I like pretty dresses as much as the next dress-fancying lass, but seriously. Make. It. Stop.), Season Four actually does some really neat musing about the complexities of marriage and commitment (beyond "ooooh, white dresses are so pretttty!" Ummm, yes, they are, but is there anything more complicated to say about the institution of marriage, and women's relationship to it? It seems not. My mistake!)


1) Some truly embarrassing Miranda plotlines. Of course there are. The writers... they love to humiliate our Ms. Hobbes. Sigh. She even EATS CAKE OUT OF THE GARBAGE at one point. Lovely.

2) Some quite uncomfortable, simplistic, and insulting musings about lesbian women and relationships. Of course there are. One of our four leading ladies (I leave it to you to guess which one--cough, Samantha, cough) finds herself attracted to another woman, and thus, of course, a) instantly concludes that she's a lesbian (naturally, I've never heard of it being possible to be attracted to both women and men at the same time...? Of desires and romantic interests which stray outside the gay/straight binary...? Surely not!), and b) makes some truly wince-inducing conclusions about what it's like to be romantically involved with the womenfolk. Hint: women=hyper-emotional bitches. Especially if they are "fiery" Latinas. [Blogger prepares self to put on her crash helmet.]

Next Up...?: The very first episode of Season Four, entitled "The Agony and the 'Ex'-tasy." If you have a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that Big is the "ex" invoked in the above pun... then I cannot fault the pit of your stomach for its insights and acumen! Le sigh. HOWEVER, we also get to go to an engagement party, which to my mind is just about as festive as heading off to a wedding, in the SATC verse. Goody!


  1. What's wrong with eating cake out of the garbage?

  2. The cake in question would have to be something truly out of the ordinary to inspire me to dip into the garbage for it, of this much I am sure...

    If only watching Miranda forage in her trash can for frosting was an isolated incident in the Embarrass Miranda Parade, I suppose this moment would not bug me so much... but alas, it is not. Poooor Miranda. (And poor cake, for having been unjustly dumped in the garbage, in the first place...)