Friday, August 27

Introducing... Season Two

… otherwise known as "More Debates about Single-Shaming, More Broken Hearts, and More Truly Loopy Outfits" (18 episodes)

So we have made it all the way to Season Two! Good for us! [Refrains from noting that Season One was only twelve episodes long, and that there are four more seasons to go…] And what a festive season Season Two is! There is more Drama with Big (what, you want Chris Noth to have subsisted off of lettuce? The man needed a job, for Pete’s sake! Would he have had a job if Carrie had sensibly told Big where to take his erratic behavior and fancy-suited self? No, no, he would not.), more catastrophically bad dates for Charlotte (the writers must have had a punching bag labeled “Charlotte York,” in their office, I kid thee not), a Truly Serious Relationship for Miranda, and, naturally, extensive hijinx for Samantha. We also get to go to the Hamptons, a wedding, a funeral, an S&M club, a Yankees game, and a horse farm. (Not all in the same episode, but wouldn’t it have been entertaining to see them try to cram all of that in in one go?)

For Season Two, I'm also upping the ante on my "count of LGBT characters and/or characters of color." No longer will it be enough for you to appear in the background and say, "Excuse me" or "I think that was my sandwich" or "Remind me again why you're wearing a tutu?" to one of the ladies to appear on my tally. Nope, for Season Two, you need to be an actual character of substance--someone with a name, an at least functionally-sketched personality, and some relevance to the story at hand. Sigh. Spoiler alert--this means that our list for Season Two is going to be SHORT.

First up? “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” about Carrie trying to get over Big by dating a fetching young Yankees player. Heavy-handed baseball analogies, step up to the plate, you’re up at bat! Um... it's the bottom of the ninth and... yeah, those are all the baseball analogies I can come up with. Swing, batter batter batter!


  1. I hope you'll be discussing the wearing of berets and the laziness of one's lady organs this season. Also, many thanks for noting that this was the period in which Det. Mike Logan was exiled to "Staten Island" on Law and Order, leaving Chris Noth to wear fine suits and play with lady's hearts on HBO.

  2. He is a dab hand at wearing suits and playing with ladies' hearts on many networks, and in many venues, to be sure!

    Oh, the beret-wearing, it is upsetting... though as upsetting as the huge flower pins which Carrie sports in Season Three? Hmmmm. That one's a puzzler!

    "This ovary is an underachiever. Which is odd, since it went to Harvard!"