Friday, August 6

The Wisdom of Others: The Queer Carrie Project

Although I know that the Interweb has unleashed untold headaches and unpleasantnesses on the world (creating a virtual playground for hackers who want access to our bank accounts, facilitating meet-up groups for scary white supremacists, etc.), mercy if it doesn't also do all sorts and conditions of nifty things.

One such nifty thing which the feminist blogosphere has recently yielded? The Queer Carrie Project, "an experiment in political video remixing and transmedia activism," which takes the six seasons of SATC and quite literally queers their narratives, transforming SATC plots into ones in which the ladies "question their desire, will, and strength to continue following the expectations of conventional heterosexuality." Given that SATC is, in many ways, Heteronormativity in the City ("The thrust of all women's lives is the search for the perfect man... okay, the perfect shoes and the perfect man"), it's pretty neat to see the show tipped on its head in such a way.

Check it out!

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  1. Very cool. Very entertaining. The video arts: the most practiced, modern, contemporary, "hip", type of art form that exists today.

    How did you find out about that? I'm thinking, "Wow, something gay I didn't know about?" lol