Monday, October 25

Back on Carrie's Stoop Gets Subscription-fied

Dear Friends,

Radically technologically-unsophisticated being that I am, I have only now (four months after I started this blog--jeepers, am I going to have to throw BOCS a birthday party soon? It is getting so big!) figured out how I could add links to said blog, to give you the option to subscribe to the blog in a whole host of ways (subscribing to my Twitter feeds, signing up to get e-mails letting you know when I post new stuff, subscribing to RSS feeds--which I will freely admit I still do not understand, but heck... you might!, etc.)

If you wished to sign up to subscribe to any of these things, in any of these ways, it would surely touch my icy spinterish heart. And if you do not wish to do so, than please do take a moment to be proud of me, that I successfully learned how to do something which most bloggers learned to do in 1999. I may be slow on the uptake, but I get there in the end, comrades!

Yours, from Carrie's (technologically-un-savvy) stoop,

Your Humble Blogger


  1. Yay Holly! Can I tell you something? I've actually been subscribed to your RSS feed from the beginning. Having the link on the page is a nice prompt for people, but RSS readers can usually detect the proper link if you just tell them what site you want to follow. How's that for technological sophistication?

    And I volunteer to explain the virtues of RSS feeds to you when next we meet for lunch. I think you might actually like it. It's a nifty tool.

  2. I love it, you are a stealth subscriber, Ms. J! As well as a Queen of Technical Sophistication, of course. I would enjoy receiving a RSS tutorial from you, because it quite literally has no meaning for me. This crazy Interweb, I find so much of it baffling, bless it.

  3. Once Jen explains RSS to you, perhaps you can explain it to me?

  4. Will do! I might have to have her explain it to me using sock puppets or similar... simple explanations for simple people!