Monday, October 18

Introducing... Season Three

Season Three... It Begins: How very happy I am at the moment. We are at the start of a new season (weather-wise... it is finally starting to feel like fall out there, praise be to the Powers That Be. For I have a gorgeous new cloak to wear, and I cannot wear it unless it is nippy outside--nippy, I tell you!), and, of course, we are at the start of a new season, SATC-wise, as well. Goody.

I will tell you up front that Season Three is one of my very favorite seasons--so many lively plot lines! So many violent disruptions of our expectations! So many wacky accessories! Sigh. It warms my heart. (But not as much as my new cloak does. Have I mentioned my new cloak???)

ANYWAY. What awaits us in Season Three, you ask?

1) Deeply suspect representations of both bisexual and transgender folks. (Are we shocked?)
2) More drama twixt Carrie and Big. (Do we feel like killing ourselves?)
3) More quality time spent at a wedding. (Are we looking forward to the always potent SATC combination of pretty white dresses blended with staunch refusals to conform to traditional wedding narratives?)
4) Guest spots by figures as varied as Alanis Morrisette and Hugh Hefner. (Do we have "You Oughta Know" stuck in our heads/are we enamored of Hefner's ascots, if not his personality/distasteful empire?)

Lively stuff, I promise you!

Next Up...?: Return to my corner of the Interweb on Wednesday, and we shall discuss the very first episode of Season Three, "Where There's Smoke..." which 1) features Roger Sterling (sadly devoid of his fedora, but as dashing as ever), 2) a deeply embarrassing plot line featuring Samantha and a fire fighter (hose-related imagery is invoked, consider yourself warned), and 3) much speculation about whether or not what all that single women secretly want is to be "rescued," princess-fashion, from their dreary and monotonous lives. Um, nope, I think I'll pass on the rescuing, but I will take a helping of Sterling, if it's going!

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